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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there enough time to follow a plan when evacuating from a wildfire?

Our plans are created to be used with varying degrees of available time. If there is just the potential of evacuating, our plan can teach you how evacuation notifications work and what to pack. If there is no time to plan, our action guide will bring you to safety with easy-to-follow directions.

What happens if the wildfire blocks the planned escape route?

We create directions and information for multiple escape routes that travel in different directions. This ensures you have an easy-to-follow and clear route bringing you peace of mind when a wildfire is near.

How does the modeling and predicting work? Is it accurate?

Our mission is to bring results from the most advanced modeling software to the general public. We believe the public should be able to benefit from the same models that fire services and agencies use. 

  • Our weather models use the exact data from the closest weather station to your house. We then model using the worst historical conditions to ensure we plan for the most extreme fire conditions. 

  • Our traffic models use census data to predict population distribution. Our programs can accurately predict which roads will become most congested and where the quickest escape routes will be. 

  • The fire models we use take into account all variables that affect fire behavior, including vegetation data, topography, weather, and homes, to give you the best picture of how fire will behave in your area.

Why isn’t it possible to just drive away from a fire? Why do I need an evacuation plan?

Sometimes it is possible to simply drive away from a fire; however, our evacuation plans give you the best directions to safely evacuate and reduce stress. We consider traffic, fire, and weather models to determine the best evacuation routes, ensuring you know how to protect your family from a wildfire.

How is information on the area near my home collected? Will you have my personal information?

The only information we need from you is your house's location. We will never share or use your personal information for anything other than creating the evacuation plan.

Why should I pay for preparation plan?

We create a premium evacuation plan made for those who want to do the most to protect their family. If this is not in your budget we are happy to give you free information about preparing for fire season in your area by scheduling a consultation here.

Can I just listen to the authorities and emergency managers in my area?

Listening to local authorities is the most important piece of any evacuation plan. However, the authorities don’t have the time or the resources to provide the level of detail and planning available in our evacuation plans. Our plans give you all the information before the stress of a wildfire sets in.

How will we know what to pack?

Our evacuation plans include packing checklists with all the essential items to remember when evacuating. Simply follow the checklist, and you can rest assured that you remembered the most important things.

Is the plan only available virtually? What if there is no power?

Our evacuation plan is available in multiple forms. The evacuation plan is presented and available in a PDF document that is easy to print.

Can we share this information with our neighbors?

Yes! We want everyone to be safe during an evacuation, so we encourage you to share this information with your neighbors!

How does your “Money Back Guarantee" work?

 If you’re not thrilled with the evacuation plan the day we present it, we will immediately refund 100% of your money. No questions asked and no hard feelings.

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